VLOGTOBER DAY 3 – Million Miles Away

Third time is a charm and I believe I am starting to find a rhythm when recording these vlogs.

In this video, I break down a song I wrote in 2012/2013 called, Million Miles Away.

Vlogtober/Blogtober Day 3 – Million Miles Away



Day 19 – Million Miles Away (Produced by Esco Live)



Sometimes I feel this isn’t where my home is/
Damn the way you treat me makes think that I’m homeless /
Instead of open arms I get a closed entrance/
The cold shoulder before I even utter out a sentence/
You get enough support but cant support me
This one sided relationship isn’t healthy
But I keep hoping that one day you will see
You will never find another person with this much loyalty
Will you miss me when I’m gone?
I betcha you’ll take me to the airport and help me put my luggage on
Cast me in the middle of heaven and hell
Between night and day
Looking for twilight
Expecting me to be breaking dawn
You know Rome wasn’t built in a day
I can’t do the impossible My patience is dwindling away
Should I stay or should I go I’m the one to say
But with the way things are going, i just may
Verse 2
It could be a hundred Maybe even a thousand/
Or maybe a million miles away and counting/
From the comfort of your bust/
The memories of us/
But some things never change And change is a must/
Blood was the only thing restraining me from leaving/
Now they have to understand that change Is what I’m needing/
I gave you my worst years And my best is still pending/
So don’t think I’ma sit around here waiting/
Can’t force you to love me or embrace me as your own/
Bet you get a little jealous when I get love from people I’ve never known/
Your bitter didn’t want me to leave home/
That’s why when I look up your the only star that sits alone/
I feel sorry for you because now I know/
Through all this, you needed me more than I needed you so/
Your selfish don’t want me to grow/
I gotta be selfish when I decide to let you go/
I feel sorry for you because now I know
Through all this, you needed me more than I needed you so
Your selfish don’t want me to grow
I gotta be selfish when I decide to let you go.

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