The works of Kevin Prince.

Kevin Prince is a 26 year-old African-American writer/hip-hop artist from San Antonio, Texas. Fascinated by fantasy and Black/African heritage, as well as sci-fi, ancient history, theater, art, and science, he would always experiment with fusing his interests together to deliver a unique pieces of art during his youth. In the 7th grade he had his first poem published through local nonprofit, independent literary center, Gemini Ink. His poem spoke on racial inequality. In late 2014 Kevin received features in many websites worldwide after his collaboration with England Animator, Maxim Northover, who created a Claymation music video for Kevin’s song ‘Pandora’s Jukebox’ under the name Mr. Composition. Kevin took a step back from music to work on his weight, dropping close to 100 pounds. That’s when writing stories reignited. Now with the creation of multiple mediums, Dab Troll Creation is the hub for everything Kevin does. The troll that dabbles in many things.