Uncontainable Creativity with San Antonio’s new Container Homes

Since the earliest introduction of a habitable building by Phillip C. Clark, shipping containers have evolved into a worldwide phenomenon for their conversion into homes, studios, and office spaces. I’ve been fascinated with the concept for a few years now and researched numerous ways of using shipping containers for the perfect affordable home. I was ecstatic to find out from my friend Rabbit, that she was working with a company that is bringing shipping container homes to our San Antonio, Texas east side.


That company is Done and Done Property Solutions or TeamDDPS for short. They started out as a company that found creative ways to save people’s properties during bank foreclosure. Quickly becoming one of the top real estate consulting companies in the country, TeamDDPS now have the opportunity to become one of the premier container home builders in the country.


March 30th, they held an unveiling of their Insta Lounge container unit at Tony G’s Soul Food restaurant, as well as gave a shipping container home away to an east side family.

I feel like this will be a major improvement for the east side, where creativity is abundant but easily drained by unfavorable circumstances.

Many talented artists, including Rabbit, helped paint the container home as well as live performances for the event.

Outside of the Insta Lounge Container Unit

@jenkins2d painting with @rabbit_rye, @mikecomp 

Rapper/ Author @graffitithemindson & Book Illustrator/ Artist @rabbit_rye

A room full of artist that contributed to the unveiling.


The many ideas that run through my head when I see shipping containers are endless. I personally can’t wait to have one of my own. These units appeal to all walks of life and I’m curious to see the positive impact they will have on the city.

Find out more about TeamDDPS by following their Instagram @teamddps


Mr.Composition, The Emcee That Writes Fiction.




Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.

-Benjamin Disraeli


When I was younger, one of the things I wanted to do was go on road trips during spring break and the summer. Though I didn’t go on a road trip during high school, I’ve managed to still accomplish that dream as a traveling musician and writer. Like with many things in life, traveling can better with friends or a loved one. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good solo journey, but some of my favorite moments have been traveling with others. Writing this in a Starbucks in El Paso, Texas on the way to Japan, I realized, many of friends are traveling as well!

Take a look below and catch them live if they’re in a city near you!

-Mr.Composition. The Emcee that Writes Fiction.


Zo-G, San Antonio, Texas to San Francisco, California.

#Repost @mack.ram with @get_repost ・・・ Local rapper (@zog1andonly) Zo-G was seen performing at The Paper Tiger (@papertigersatx) for a free show event that was put together by Afton Shows (@afton.shows). He also invited several other local talented artists: Picasso, M.T. The Realist, Salem, Prince Ivy, & Xavien Mac to perform alongside him as all six artists put on a memorable show that had the crowd dancing and chanting their songs back at them during their set. Zo-G was born as Alonzo McKee in Dayton, Ohio and later moved to San Antonio, Texas shortly after high school in 2011. He’s been living in San Antonio for about seven years and has been taking his music seriously since the end of 2017. As he continues to climb the music scene, he is constantly working on his craft and performs at open mics every night in San Antonio and other cities around the country to put his name and the cities of San Antonio and Dayton out to the public. #amusicphotographermagazine // mackramirez2000@gmail.com

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Austin, Texas to San Diego, California.

New products on MasterMindArtJewelry.com!

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Kinyo & Mr. Composition

San Antonio, Texas to Tokyo, Japan.


San Marcos, Texas to New Mexico and Arizona.

Added some new dates to the calendar. Come say hi.

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Pray X Plot

San Antonio, Texas to San Francisco, California.

everywhere, all the time #prayxplot

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Jackie Venson

Austin, Texas to Nashville, Tenesse.

Ready to rock tomorrow 4/4 at @acmenashville we start at 6p sharp!

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Ghost Palace

McAllen, Texas to San Antonio, Texas






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This Fiction Novel written by a Rapper Predicted Current Privacy Crisis

In recent news with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, some people are on edge. Some are even wanting to delete their facebook. One person, in particular, is excited about this “Privacy Awakening”, That person is me. I released my first work of fiction a year ago called, Ideas of Illusion. The story takes place in the year 2025 in the city of San Antonio, Texas. The main character in the novel, Daniel King, created an online security program that allows for users to use their devices with complete privacy with no access by any other app or program or the government. As the story progresses, tensions rise between the main character Daniel King and the National Security Agency because of Daniels refusal to hand over his program to the government. While explaining Daniel’s past, it is stated that back in 2015 he thought of the idea for his program and business which is called Bubble.

I’m seeing everything unfold in real life that supports the environment of the future depicted in my book.


On the positive side, people are becoming more aware and that will bring change.

Peace and Light,

Mr. Composition, The Emcee That Writes Fiction




Looking for your next read? Click the image to read the summary, reviews, and order my first work of fiction, Ideas of Illusion!


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Self-Doubt to Self Published- How I Found Success after releasing My first Book

I grew up dropping most of my allowance at the scholastic book fairs and writing. Looking back, writing stories to distribute to my classmates, I was destined to be a self-published author.

After elementary though, I focused most of my writing energy on writing songs. I wouldn’t attempt to write my first novel until I was 23. I wrote a 15,000-word first draft to a fiction story and till this day still, have not touched it. My second attempt would later become my first completed book, a psychological thriller called, Ideas of Illusion. The first draft was written in a few months. Writing between calls at work and at home. After three years of revising and editing, I released it March 4th, 2017. At the end of March, I would quit my Job and become a full-time self-published author, Musician, and Content Creator. As we are nearing a full year since leaving my job, I still work for myself, over 300 physical books, and a few digital copies are read around the world, and this is just the beginning.

So how did I find success as a self-published author on my first bat in the literary world?

Well, after reviewing all my available data from my website and social media analytics, sales, and experience, it comes down to four columns that are the foundation to my personal success as a self-published author. The four columns are Goals, Edit, Research, Break.


Set goals for your book. Even before you write it. Do you just want to complete a book? How much can you dedicate to writing the book a day? Do you want to sell it? How much do you want to sell it for? How many copies do you want to sell the first week? Month? Year? Who do you want it to reach? Will it just be in one format? Just to name a few.

Setting goals gives you not just something to work towards, but it gives you a direction to go.


This is not common knowledge, and that is okay. If you want people to read your book, let others edit your book.

You could learn how to self-edit your own book, and maybe you can self-edit with your first book. I personally would not advise it. I would get edits back and be in complete shock with how many little things I missed. Personally, I had a few eyes on my book for editing, and I used tools online such as GrammerCheck and ProWritingAid to name a few. People on Amazon and other places will rip your books to shreds for not having it edited. Invest if you can for an editor, but also look around and reach out. Get creative. Reach out to an English teacher that supported you, a local newspaper writer, even someone who despises you. There are so many options, which brings me to the third column.


Are you unsure how to self-publish a book? How to format an Ebook? Marketing ideas? How to get reviews? Research. Research before you write the book, during the writing process, during the editing, when it is completed, after the release. Every step of the way for your journey as a self-published author should include research. The reason why I felt confident enough to release my book was mostly due to all of the research I did prior. It is easy to get lost if you don’t know the area. It will save you a lifetime of stress.


Creating is work and work is just the use of directed energy. After you have completed your book, take a break. Rest. Schedule a time of recovery before releasing the book so you can have the energy to market it. Even if you wrote the book just to have for yourself, take a break. Soak in the victory of completing your novel.


Want to self-publish your first book? Take a look at this article from Self- Publishing School.

Also, check out the recent episode of my podcast Thoughts & Chill, “You don’t have to be Famous, You just have to be Creative.”  I speak with the author of, “The Honest Toddler: A Child’s Guide to Parenting”, Bunmi Laditan about her start in writing, tips for writers, and debunking a big myth about self-publishing.


My Vlog, From Self-Doubt to Self-Published is available on youtube.


You can find me




(Currently, I’m working on a non-fiction book, From Self-Doubt to Self-Published, as well as fiction novella, Shadow in the Dark, and novel, Pin The Face on The Beast. Musically I am working on releasing two albums this year. Digging in the Midnight Garden and Nightmare before Sunrise.)



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THOUGHTS & CHILL PODCAST – EPS 2 – You don’t have to be Famous, You just have to be Creative. Self-Publishing Tips with Bunmi Laditan

In today’s creative climate, writers are able to release their works on their own through Self-Publishing. Even with many success (and failure) stories, there are still misconceptions that cripple authors and poets who want to go the self-publishing route.

Episode 2 of my Podcast, Thoughts & Chill, I am joined by Author, Bunmi Laditan, who has found success from both traditional publishing and self-publishing. We talk about how she started writing, tips for getting a publisher, marketing for self-published books and more!


Do you think that is a stigma authors have? After self-publishing a book, can that same book get published by a traditional publisher? Mr. Compostion to Bunmi Laditan.

“I’ve known so many people who have self-published books and then sold it.” -Bunmi Laditan

Listen to the full podcast below.


-Mr.Composition, The Emcee That Writes Fiction.


Preorder Bunmi Laditan’s new book,  Confessions of a Domestic Failure: A Humorous Book About a not so Perfect Mom, before its release, May 2nd.

You can follow her on Instagram @bunmiladitan  and Twitter @HonestToddler


You can find me


Looking for your next read? Click the image to read the summary, reviews, and order my first work of fiction, Ideas of Illusion!

FLOAT Away from Domestic Abuse: San Antonio’s Sensory Deprivation Specialist throw event to bring awareness to Domestic Abuse on International Women’s Day

We’ve heard about it in stories, movies, religion, and philosophies. Love. This state of being that can bring us freedom, but what is not often talked about is how we can become a slave to it. How our beloved Prince/Princess charming can turn into our torturer, and in many cases, executioner when it comes to domestic abuse.


What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic abuse is the mistreatment, (mental, physical, or emotional) by one person against another in a domestic setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation. Also known as intimate partner violence. According to a report released by the Texas Council on Family Violence, 1 in 3 Texas women will experience domestic abuse.


Victims of Domestic Abuse and Mental Health? The Connection…

As more studies and awareness is brought to the public on mental health, new connections are being made between mental health and victims of Domestic Abuse. Researchers at King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry and the University of Bristol conducted 41 studies around the world, and the data show an alarming find. Most victims of domestic violence, male, and female,  suffer from a wide range mental health disorders.

FLOAT away Domestic Abuse.

Float Tanks (also known as sensory deprivation tank or isolation tank) are soundproof pods in which the user floats in a zero-gravity like state, with their body floating halfway submerged in water and Epson salt. They are used for a wide range of healing from Pain ReliefPTSD  and more. Taking care of your health is both your ally in leaving domestic violence and in the healing after. Individuals who develop PTSD may have gone through domestic abuse.

FLOAT is one of few Float Tank practices that we have here in San Antonio, Texas. They even have massage services as well. Also. they offer the Weightless Warrior Program, which gifts a free 60- minute float session to Veterans and Active Duty military!

SA HAVEN event Presented by FLOAT

Last night at the Paper Tiger, FLOAT held an event to bring awareness to domestic abuse. 100% of all profits will go to non-profit causes in San Antonio that raise awareness about domestic violence.


There is help available.

FLOAT & Paper Tiger did an amazing job on International Women’s Day by delivering a successful event that brought attention to domestic abuse, in which women are impacted by the most. LiL BO WEEP, ambient singer/DJ from Australia headlined the event. Local support provided by LloronasILa Minori, and Canyon Lake Trip-Hop duo Voodoo Boogaloo. All the acts brought a peaceful dance of pain, hope, and unity.

In astrology, Jupiter (Larget planet in our solar system, the planet of expansion, Masculine energy) went retrograde March 8th at 23° Scorpio (Zodiac sign of deep healing, Evolution, Feminine energy) and ends on July 10 at 13° Scorpio. These next few months offer an interesting balance of healing from both energies in the most nurturing way.

Take advantage of this time and heal.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, Men, and Women, or know someone who is, don’t hesitate to reach out to the many organizations available for help.

 The Rape Crisis Center – provides care for those impacted by sexual violence through counseling, crisis intervention, and prevention education. Also offers FREE counseling for trauma, abuse, and couples.

If you would like to learn more about FLOAT, check out their website:

https://www.floatsa.com/ and follow them on Instagram @float_sa


– Mr.Composition, The Emcee that Writes Fiction



All photos below shot by @dabtrollcreations


@ilaminori merch table.

@float_sa booth.

Crowd during a set change.

Local Musician Ezra & @lilboweep talking.

@voodooboogaloo merch booth.

@voodooboogaloo performing

The crowd during @voodooboogaloo’s performance

Damien of @TheMoySA

@lilboweep & fan.

Damien of @TheMoySA & @lilboweep

Damien & Travis of @TheMoySA

@voodooboogaloo performing.

Damien of @TheMoySA art magazine.


@ilaminori Performing.




Looking for your next read? Click the image to read the summary, reviews, and order my first work of fiction, Ideas of Illusion!