Ideas of Illusion (Physical Book)

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Book by Kevin Prince



Brief Summary:

What happens when your dream becomes a nightmare and your nightmare becomes your reality?
That is the case for business owner & software developer Daniel King. Once on top of the world of online security with his program Bubble, he finds himself watching his hard works crumble beneath his feet. A life-changing encounter with a ‘mysterious’ woman sends off a domino effect for Daniel’s life, bringing more business than he can imagine. Now financially secured, he wants to use his money to change the world for the good of everyone. He maps out a seemingly impossible plan that undermines the government, but finds out the cost for such an idea, could be everything Daniel loves. What price is worth paying for an idea of a better tomorrow?

Read the first three chapters here.

Author: Dab Troll

World Traveler, Knowledge seeker, Rapper, and Author.
Check out my first fiction book, Ideas of Illusion,

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Dab Troll

World Traveler, Knowledge seeker, Rapper, and Author. Check out my first fiction book, Ideas of Illusion, IG: graffitithemindson email:


  1. This book was awesome! Very insightful and give you a peek into the future! Totally not what I expected at all, especially the ending!!! I’m really excited to see what Kevin Prince writes next!

  2. This book was a great read,so great in fact I finished in one day.This was my first time reading his work but I can’t wait to discover more!

  3. Such an excellent novel with an outstanding message!! I could not stop reading once starting it. The ending of each chapter just kept me wanting to know more.

  4. How can I not give it 5 stars? A thoughtful and intriguing story that I read straight through while listening to D Major’s Urban Suite on This mos def needs a sequel. You’ve made my world a better place with your lyrics as Mr. Composition, and now with your words as writer Kevin Prince. Thank you for your will and determination in this world

  5. 1.) What was your favorite chapter?
    First and last chapter – I like what you did with the ending and how the first foreshadows
    Anything special that stuck out? description wise or plot set-up, writing style?
    I loved the theme of Those who release control have it . . . This was super powerful. I like the consequences that you discuss concerning control. An incredibly creative idea
    2. Who was your favorite character?
    I liked Daniel
    How relatable were they?
    Sometimes he was dramatic, I didn’t get the giving his brother money and the business in person, why didn’t his brother fight harder to keep him alive. Daniel was otherwise idealistic, courageous, loyal, hard working and genius. I’m rooting for all of that
    3. Stand out line or quote from the book?.
    4. Was the ending satisfying? If not, what would you change?
    I was not so satisfied about what happened with Regina. The foreshadowing at the beginning implies that she had her hand in him getting in an accident i believe it was. Then the book changes and she has no part, and then she still comes back in the end. it didn’t fit super cleanly
    5. Overall feeling after finishing the book.
    I enjoyed the thriller and it left me thinking about how my idealism may in its own way be a seeking for control.

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