The Peregrination from Ingnorance to Enlightenment

by Art of Emari D




Omar MrSirr Donahue
Emari OmNava Donahue


Refuse to understand and choose to comprehend.
We will always come in peace my friend.
Yet we remain prepared for war…
After all, we’ve seen the sins of men.
With that being said…
Welcome, relax, and allow your mind to wander free.
Become that weightlessness that is the leaf to a gentle breeze.
Here, together we will do more then just exist, we shall evolve.
We must forewarn all those who who embark upon this endeavor.
The truth will be exposed!
These lesson may change your life forever.
This is an emobodiment of two collections, two speperate perspectives from two different men who found a way from ignorance to intellectuals.
Knowledge is power.

Art of Emari D

Dab Troll

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