What happens when your dream becomes a nightmare and your nightmare becomes your reality?
That is the case for business owner & software developer Daniel King. Once on top of the world of online security with his program Bubble, he finds himself watching his hard works crumble beneath his feet. A life-changing encounter with a ‘mysterious’ woman sends off a domino effect for Daniel’s life, bringing more business than he can imagine. Now financially secured, he wants to use his money to change the world for the good of everyone. He maps out a seemingly impossible plan that undermines the government, but finds out the cost for such an idea, could be everything Daniel loves. What price is worth paying for an idea of a better tomorrow?

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A Gripping Novella! – One Minute Book Review, London 4/5 stars!!! (Listen to review)

This book is full of twists and evil tactics that make you question if your good is only preparation for evil in the end. -BiblioBeautyReviews, Canada 4/5 Stars!!! (Read full review)

You can also read the first three chapters here.

‘Those who release control, have it.’

-Ideas of Illusion