Uncontainable Creativity with San Antonio’s new Container Homes

Since the earliest introduction of a habitable building by Phillip C. Clark, shipping containers have evolved into a worldwide phenomenon for their conversion into homes, studios, and office spaces. I’ve been fascinated with the concept for a few years now and researched numerous ways of using shipping containers for the perfect affordable home. I was ecstatic to find out from my friend Rabbit, that she was working with a company that is bringing shipping container homes to our San Antonio, Texas east side.


That company is Done and Done Property Solutions or TeamDDPS for short. They started out as a company that found creative ways to save people’s properties during bank foreclosure. Quickly becoming one of the top real estate consulting companies in the country, TeamDDPS now have the opportunity to become one of the premier container home builders in the country.


March 30th, they held an unveiling of their Insta Lounge container unit at Tony G’s Soul Food restaurant, as well as gave a shipping container home away to an east side family.

I feel like this will be a major improvement for the east side, where creativity is abundant but easily drained by unfavorable circumstances.

Many talented artists, including Rabbit, helped paint the container home as well as live performances for the event.

Outside of the Insta Lounge Container Unit

@jenkins2d painting with @rabbit_rye, @mikecomp 

Rapper/ Author @graffitithemindson & Book Illustrator/ Artist @rabbit_rye

A room full of artist that contributed to the unveiling.


The many ideas that run through my head when I see shipping containers are endless. I personally can’t wait to have one of my own. These units appeal to all walks of life and I’m curious to see the positive impact they will have on the city.

Find out more about TeamDDPS by following their Instagram @teamddps


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Day 4 of #vlogtober. In this video, I break down the inspiration of my song, “Graffiti Lenz” ft. Evolve & R.E.L from the album, “Graffiti The Mind’.

Perception, and what color is a yield sign, the wolf of wall street, and other cool key points.

Watch below.

Vlogtober/Blogtober Day 4 – Graffiti Lenz



Day 20: Graffiti Lenz


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