Alesia Etinoff blends Afrofuturism, Mental Health, and Black Empowerment in new Web Series

Hollywood would have us thinking that the narratives of blacks stop at slaves, thugs, and crackheads. We know that isn’t true, but entertainment depicting alternate narratives are few and far between. LA-based Comedian, Writer, and Actress, Alesia Etinoff, is helping to narrow that gap with new web-series, “Avant-Guardians”.  In this Afrofuturism series, Etinoff plays guardian angel, Razz, who watches over 12-year-old future third black President, Charlie, whom she refers to as “Creepy Charlie.” Razz is instructed by God to attend therapy after a recent accident Charlie had.

Watch the first episode below:


I also had the pleasure of doing a group podcast with Kinyo (host, poet), Franque Michele (blogger), & Chauntel Logan (author) interviewing Alesia Etinoff about the creation of Avant-Guardians, Mental Health, and more!

Listen below:


You can watch all 7 episodes of ” Avant-Guardians”


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