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Great review of my first novella, Ideas of Illusion.


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Ideas of Illusion – My first book


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Ideas of Illusion is my first book that I will be releasing at the end of September or early October. I’m so sleepy but I wanted to get this out for all those book lovers:) My first book is completed and I am currently looking for publishers but will for the first book go all the way indie and publish it myself.

Here is a quick summary.

Ideas of Illusion tells the story of 29 year old Daniel King, a software developer of the privacy program ‘Bubble’, who after deciding not to go through with a suicide attempt, gets hit by a car. The accident leaves him in a coma for four months and when he wakes up, the stresses of not making enough money to keep his business afloat he had prior , was a thing of the past. The massive media coverage surrounding his accident generated more customers to his program and his best friend, Eddie, released a mobile version , allowing the user count to triple in size. With his new found fame and fortune, Daniel wanted to narrow the gap between the rich & the poor by implementing a patch in the mobile version of Bubble. Daniel will risk allowing the government access to his program in order for them to install it in their database. Little do they know, the patch will not only keep the troops from being deployed, circulating the money used for war on the people at home who need it, but it will also allow Daniel to extract top secret information from the government.

After successfully executing his first plan, Daniel was confident everything was going according to plan. That was until a mysterious female doctor came into the picture, emails from an unknown sender started showing up, the words “Those who release control, have it,” from his nightmare he had while in a coma are becoming more frequent,  his loved ones lives becoming threaten, and his best friend going missing. Was his idea for peace just a dangerous illusion? Or will he make the ultimate sacrifice to see his idea carried out to completion? What will he lose in the process? Will it be worth it?

Find out soon;)

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Religion: Blueprint or Way of Life?





“The Kingdom of God is inside/within you (and all about you), not in buildings/mansions of wood and stone. (When I am gone) Split a piece of wood and I am there, lift the/a stone and you will find me.” (Stigmata 1999 Film)

Alright. Now many may have never knew these similarities between religions, but through my research, I’ve come to believe that religion is a blueprint. People spend so much time on the ‘savior’ that they do not pay attention to the teachings or words. Sometimes God is almost push to the background. Like this quote from the movie ‘Stigmata’ God is within you.

These are just my thoughts. What is your take on religion? Blueprint? Or way of life?

Drop a comment and let me know.

Peace, One love


10 Paid Residencies Around the World for Savvy Starving Artists


these are two cool. I’ve been researching for a few years on cool little dwellings and studios. Get me a nice acre or less. There are a few lots by where I live that were empty and in less then a month a whole house is built on it. What would your dream acre consist of?