Catch these Hands; Tokyu Hands and My First day in Japan!

My friend Kinyo and I have been doing our Expansion Tour for a few months now and we finally expanded out to Japan. We arrived in Japan midday Saturday, April 7th at the Narita International Airport. We made it. After an 11-hour flight overseas, we navigate through the airport, exchanged currency, I got a pack of smokes, Kinyo grabbed a drink from the famous Japan vending machines, and headed to the subway to take a train to Saitama, where we enjoyed the night at our super inexpensive AirBnB. We woke up ready to explore. We wanted to not get to carried away and head straight to Tokyo, so instead, we stayed in Saitama, visiting Kasukabe and Omiya.

View the whole day below:


New Docuseries “The Composition” Follows the life of Rapper, Author, and Creator as he travels the world.

When I was in elementary school I researched, I loved adventure, I created, read books, wrote raps, poetry, stories, and made money off my ideas and things I was passionate about. (Gary Vaynerchuk had baseball cards, I had Yo-Gi-Oh and Pokemon cards)

Now as an adult I do the same. This docu-series, The Composition, will be a reel of my life as I travel the world meeting new people, performing music, making memories with friends, creating, and building my company, Dab Troll Creations while dodging the 9-to-5 like the plague. Shot and edited to make each episode a mini-documentary.

I hope I can inspire you to take that leap and do what you love. Every one is a composition of something amazing, what are you composed of?

Watched the pilot episode below.

Created by Mr. Composition, The Emcee That Writes Fiction.

Video Edit credit: Kinyo






Looking for your next read? Click the image to read the summary, reviews, and order my first work of fiction, Ideas of Illusion!

The Peregrination from Ignorance to Enlightenment

A good friend of mine is releasing his first book exclusively through Dab Troll Creations.

My friend Emari and his brother Omar are releasing a floetry book by the name of ‘The Peregrination from Ignorance to Enlightenment’.

Here is a glimpse of the book:

Refuse to understand and choose to comprehend.
We will always come in peace my friend.
Yet we remain prepared for war…
After all, we’ve seen the sins of men.
With that being said…
Welcome, relax, and allow your mind to wander free.
Become that weightlessness that is the leaf to a gentle breeze.
Here, together we will do more then just exist, we shall evolve.
We must forewarn all those who who embark upon this endeavor.
The truth will be exposed!
These lesson may change your life forever.
This is an embodiment of two collections, two separate perspectives from two different men who found a way from ignorance to intellectuals.
Knowledge is power.



What an introduction!!!!

Pre-order here.


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Emari @tattoosbye

“Mirror Mask” Poem by Kevin Prince

This poem was inspired by a Jean Michel Basquiat Painting 14095814_10205512311446127_2565655585542705167_n

My hate for you is more so an idea
Not the distaste of your existence.
I’m forced to come face to face with my demons,
as their shadows trail in the distance.
Mark my words with anxiety and confusion
My paint brush dipped in the universe to paint a black image.
I thought there was something wrong with me because my words are two fold.
Not fitting in the mold or lines you surround me with like caged blind birds with no assistance.
My center folds because my centerfolds stick out like a sore thumb .
They are numb from decaying while on display.
My truths are uncomfortable but they entertain you.
Just laugh, like the voices in my head at my dismay.
What could pull me out of my sleep at 4 a.m?
Can’t i have a little more time in my gutter garden?
Before the day buffers like interrupted signals crossing paths with others walking.
I made a mask out of your thoughts of me.
In some ways, it brings me peace.
Everyday i add a new layer to this mask and wait for it to harden.
My heart knows nothing but feels everything.
Who knew a curse could be rewarding.
-Kevin Prince