This Fiction Novel written by a Rapper Predicted Current Privacy Crisis

In recent news with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, some people are on edge. Some are even wanting to delete their facebook. One person, in particular, is excited about this “Privacy Awakening”, That person is me. I released my first work of fiction a year ago called, Ideas of Illusion. The story takes place in the year 2025 in the city of San Antonio, Texas. The main character in the novel, Daniel King, created an online security program that allows for users to use their devices with complete privacy with no access by any other app or program or the government. As the story progresses, tensions rise between the main character Daniel King and the National Security Agency because of Daniels refusal to hand over his program to the government. While explaining Daniel’s past, it is stated that back in 2015 he thought of the idea for his program and business which is called Bubble.

I’m seeing everything unfold in real life that supports the environment of the future depicted in my book.


On the positive side, people are becoming more aware and that will bring change.

Peace and Light,

Mr. Composition, The Emcee That Writes Fiction




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