New Docuseries “The Composition” Follows the life of Rapper, Author, and Creator as he travels the world.

When I was in elementary school I researched, I loved adventure, I created, read books, wrote raps, poetry, stories, and made money off my ideas and things I was passionate about. (Gary Vaynerchuk had baseball cards, I had Yo-Gi-Oh and Pokemon cards)

Now as an adult I do the same. This docu-series, The Composition, will be a reel of my life as I travel the world meeting new people, performing music, making memories with friends, creating, and building my company, Dab Troll Creations while dodging the 9-to-5 like the plague. Shot and edited to make each episode a mini-documentary.

I hope I can inspire you to take that leap and do what you love. Every one is a composition of something amazing, what are you composed of?

Watched the pilot episode below.

Created by Mr. Composition, The Emcee That Writes Fiction.

Video Edit credit: Kinyo






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Day 1 of 100 – Questioning My Sanity ft. Ocky Goodsounds (Produced by Artistic)

Day 1 of my 100-day challenge of self-rediscovering myself in my journey in music called the #keepit100withthyself challenge. For 100 days I will be releasing an original song of mine. These will be songs from the past, present, and future projects. As well as unreleased and collaboration material over the course of the last 10 years. I am 26 presently so you will be able to hear my growth. Many unreleased songs are first and only recordings and poorly mixed and mastered if at all.

I will be posting lyrics as well for my parts of the songs because I own those.

Maybe some will get rerecorded, but let’s get the ball rolling on day 1.


Song: Questioning My Sanity ft. Ocky Goodsounds (Produced by Artistic)

Year: 2011

Age 19-20

Project: None





How can I be aware of everything around me/
when what they say is normal is not what I see/
oh lord oh lord/
what do you have in store/
cuz whats acceptable/
is questioning my sanity/

Verse 1: Mr. Composition
Flying in the sky in a paper plane/
On a paper trail for a paper gain/
Paper cuts on a paper vein/
Paper soldiers with paper pain/
Paper guns with paper aim /
All this papers driving me insane/
but It’s what we need to maintain/
I guess I’ll play the paper game/
a backward world we all live in
close my eyes and count to ten
Trying to be a law abiding citizen/
Serve and protect but they start beating/
Him for no apparent reason/
Abusing the power they were given/
Who can we trust if not them/
The answer got me questioning/

Verse 2: Mr. Composition
Nothing but chaos, so I turn off the tv/
So I won’t be brainwashed into a zombie/
Dressed in skinny jeans and Abercrombie
Slicked back hair every day is a party/
I flip through channels to get away from reality/
Not for it to be thrown back at me/
Make us look simple draped in stupidity/
Little kids growing up, that’s what they gotta see?/
Make it hard for them to trust/
Little love and so much lust/
I won’t tell keep in on the hush/
That’s what turns marriages into dust/
Cuz that’s what’s acceptable to us/
See your daughter featured on bang bus/
Barely legal and she knows what to do/
Have you at home questioning your sanity too/

If you need music for your vlogs, indie movies, games, or want to collab or send beats, email me at

I can get songs rerecorded and sent to use with credit given.

Covers are welcome as well. If you record a video doing a cover of one of the songs please email or tag me in the video. Thank you!!!

I’m excited!


Mr. Composition @graffitithemindson artwork by @artofemarid

artwork by @artofemarid



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