Catch these Hands; Tokyu Hands and My First day in Japan!

My friend Kinyo and I have been doing our Expansion Tour for a few months now and we finally expanded out to Japan. We arrived in Japan midday Saturday, April 7th at the Narita International Airport. We made it. After an 11-hour flight overseas, we navigate through the airport, exchanged currency, I got a pack of smokes, Kinyo grabbed a drink from the famous Japan vending machines, and headed to the subway to take a train to Saitama, where we enjoyed the night at our super inexpensive AirBnB. We woke up ready to explore. We wanted to not get to carried away and head straight to Tokyo, so instead, we stayed in Saitama, visiting Kasukabe and Omiya.

View the whole day below:


New Docuseries “The Composition” Follows the life of Rapper, Author, and Creator as he travels the world.

When I was in elementary school I researched, I loved adventure, I created, read books, wrote raps, poetry, stories, and made money off my ideas and things I was passionate about. (Gary Vaynerchuk had baseball cards, I had Yo-Gi-Oh and Pokemon cards)

Now as an adult I do the same. This docu-series, The Composition, will be a reel of my life as I travel the world meeting new people, performing music, making memories with friends, creating, and building my company, Dab Troll Creations while dodging the 9-to-5 like the plague. Shot and edited to make each episode a mini-documentary.

I hope I can inspire you to take that leap and do what you love. Every one is a composition of something amazing, what are you composed of?

Watched the pilot episode below.

Created by Mr. Composition, The Emcee That Writes Fiction.

Video Edit credit: Kinyo






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To Tour & Almost Die In L.A.

Touring is all fun and games until you end up getting hit by an 18 wheeler!


My name is Mr. Composition, The Emcee That Writes Fiction. I am a rapper and author from San Antonio, Texas.

The Last few months I have been traveling with fellow artist, Kinyo, Poet & entrepreneur, on a recurring tour we created called, “The Expansion Tour.” Every other weekend or so, we travel outside of San Antonio to surrounding cities and states, performing, networking, and expanding our horizons. We started off in just surrounding cities like San Marcos & Austin. Quickly we started going further to places like Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston, & McAllen. Then, on the last weekend of 2017, we expanded out of the Texas state to Louisiana, visiting New Orleans.

Starting off the new year with a bang, going to Colorado and New Mexico the first week of January for my birthday. The last couple of years I have made it a point to get out of Texas and even the country for my birthday. The first year in 2015 I went to California for the first time. 2016, I went to Mexico, Finally putting my passport to use. 2017 Belize and Mexico. Now 2018 was Colorado and New Mexico. A part of the Expansion Tour in a way. Officially, In the beginning of February 2018, we started back up the Expansion Tour including Rapper, Royal King Minus, by going to Dallas for a Featured show at BuzzBrew Shout out to Dj Panda Phresh,

After a great show at Buzz Brews, we dropped off Royal Minus at his homie’s house because he had a show in Austin, and Kinyo and I headed to New Orleans, then to Houston. A video for that part of the tour coming out soon.

All that was just building up the momentum for our Los Angeles trip February 7th – 11th.  After my weekly show February 6th, every Tuesday night at Tucker’s Kozy Korner called, The Composition, we picked up Royal Minus and were on the road. It was such a beautiful sight driving through El Paso & New Mexico Wednesday morning. After hundreds of miles, we made it to the first part of our California tour which was Arizona. We visited an open mic in Tempe, AZ, at the Tempe Center for the Arts.  We didn’t get a chance to perform because we made it just a little too late, but we gathered info for next time and then shot some videos.

One of which was a video I shot for Royal Minus for his song, Gasss’d Up.

We stayed out in Arizona for the night. In the morning we were off to California. Such a lovely drive. All of the mountains and land. At the start of this trip, Kinyo and I had a feeling, Los Angeles was going to be epic.

Little did we know what was awaiting us. What did we bring Royal Minus in!?

We arrived in Los Angeles, full of excitement and wonder. As we are exiting the highway we pull up on the left side of an 18-wheeler at a red light. The light turned green, with the 18 wheeler being on the right side of us, he made a very close left-hand turn crushing part of the passenger side, knocking off the back bumper, totaling Kinyo’s car. We are very grateful to have our lives.

Early rising. What a jam-packed leg of the tour. It almost ended as soon as it started though. When we came in L.A. we were hit by an 18-wheeler. I actually was recording when the accident happened. It could have been a lot worse but thankfully no one was severely injured. So many pics and vids to post, but I just want to apologize for those I have not responded to or missed calls. There is a lot to process. Kinyo and I are in the works of a system for those who want to tour with us so no one gets left behind that wants to go. It is a simple as getting up and going but it also is not as simple as getting up and going. Everyone will get something different from the tour. My biggest thing is not wasting anyone's time. I am grateful and thankful I am even here writing this post. It was an amazing tour run. Though my head was nearly crushed and my bro Kinyo's car got messed up, we are alive. Wooo, sometimes life throws something at you so you remember you are alive. There is a whole week to look forward to. This Tuesday, a special Valentines day addition of #TheComposition at @tuckerskozykorner Also, BLACK MOTHA FLIPPING PANTHER IS COMING THE #### OUT THIS WEEK! Be on the lookout later today for my article,"To Tour and almost Die in L.A." highlighting the tour and what is coming up! Hey, the day is full of possibilities. Write that song you were thinking about, paint that picture you have in your heart, record that movie scene, that podcast, today do something that makes your soul smile.

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Talk about a warm welcome! We Ubered to an open mic we had planned on going to at the Sabor y Cultura coffee shop. On top of almost losing our lives, we end up with an Uber driver that spent the whole time cracking jokes that seemed like they were memorized from a kid joke book. I appreciated the attempt at lighting up the mood. L.A, is just considerate like that. I’ve only had a few experiences with L.A., all pretty positive.  We make the open mic on time to sign up and are welcomed with love. The host is an amazing magician by the name of TranSe. The vibe was on point. We were not the only first-timers and the talent that came out was a treat to observe. Here are a few videos of some of the performers. Including Kinyo & Royal Minus.

Royal Minus


Mr. Composition, The Emcee That Writes Fiction


Poet 2


The highs and lows of the day,

To tour and almost Die in L.A

-Mr. Composition, The Emcee That Writes Fiction.

P.S. That was day one of L.A, HaHa, we stayed out there until Saturday night. More on that.

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